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resident artist, Maggie McCarthy

This workshop is for both the novice and the experienced watercolor painter.  There is no need to be an expert, but some experience is necessary. The focus is the landscape. The idea is to give the viewer more than a description of a place or scene.  The cliché about painting a “feeling” really is what it is all about.    Knowing what to do to make an individual piece come alive and speak to the viewer is the key.  It begins with a clear vision (composition), confident technique, and flexibility – open to what the watercolor has to say. Understanding vistas, trees, water, fields, snow and clouds are covered (as much as we can) but all this flows first from an understanding of landscape and successful composition.  There is lots to do!  Bring in those paintings you are having trouble with and we’ll see if we can get them to done.  Come and paint!  You will learn a lot!

Thurs & Friday, July 12 & 13

 9:00  a.m. - 4:00 p.m.



SUPPLY LIST:  bring a sack lunch and any drinks so we don’t have to leave.
Bring your usual supplies with the addition of Winsor Newton Indigo, Winsor Newton Raw Sienna and Winsor Newton Burnt Sienna.
Bring some source material, either on your phone, your I pad or photos. I can supply some, too
I use 140# Arches Bright White watercolor paper.

Also bring a small tablet, 9 x 12, of smooth Bristol paper.  Strathmore or Canson are fine.
A black or blue Tombow  ABT  pen or Staedtler Mars graphic 3000 duo pen.  One end is a marker and the other end acts like brush.  They are not expensive.  You can find them at Art Mart for sure. They come in many colors but get dark blue or black.

Maggie’s work and her full biography


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